A trip to Pomaire

Every year, 2nd graders take a day out of our classrooms to visit the unique town of Pomaire.  Pomaire  is a small dusty village about 60km west of Santiago and is known for its ceramic/clay pottery in the form of vases, plates, pots and almost anything you can (and can't) imagine.
In both Arts and Social Studies classes, our students have learned about this technique and they were very excited about the trip.
We started the day with a demonstration of how to use the “torno”; followed by a short class in which they could see how to use their hands to model different shapes.
In about 30 minutes, students were able to finish off their pieces of art and head off to the town! We visited different local shops where, following the tradition, they bought clay pigs (chanchito de greda) and little pig statuettes for friends and family members to bring good luck.

A perfect sunny day for a fun activity!

Daniela López
Teacher of English

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